M-CORE.CO.UK is changing to MKOHM.CO.UK

From very beginning I wanted to do best service, name wasn't important but service was important which I provide.
I'm thankfull to all customers, I want to create more and more solutions for You,
but somehow thinking about "name", "m-core" it's not taken from Intel, it's letter of my first name + core word,
but this is still recognised Intels technology. I'm implementing my own ideas, so time for better naming.
I would like be named independent, so the idea came to use my name initial letters "MK", then done my homework with numerology figures, yeah,
maybe going to far, but nothing stopping me...I love all types of calculations.... so calculations shows better use both first letters of my surname, so ended up with "MKO"... more calculations... and here we have MKOHM
, so my new website is mkohm.co.uk It may be strange name for the first feeling, but we used to say words "HDMI", "mPCI" etc... still I believe that's only name, most important is service and solutions... I would like to welcome You on my new site, please click here to re-direct.

Please click on the logo to re-direct to mkohm.co.uk

m-core is changing to mkohm